well well well, it it isn’t the consequences of my own actions

Just can't continue reading the hn thread about the new airpods... Can't stop imagining most of the commenters as stereotypical airpod users and/or apple fanboys. It gets too cringy

oh no!!

> Just today my AirPods case wasn't charging because lint got into my lightning port. I didn't realize the case wasn't charging until I realized my AirPods were low on power despite me charging the case a lot the last few days.

Altimir: Life in the depopulated Bulgarian countryside [video] - Altimir: Life in the depopulated Bulgarian countryside [video] - youtube.com/watch?v=c9Ufhi_42h

A friend of mine just just tried debugging why he couldn't compile various pieces of software (for example cmake) and stumbled upon something rather hilarious:

As it turns out the compiler checks during the configure stage fail because they do a string match on the word "warning". If it finds that word in the output it rejects the compiler, as it assumes it to be not working correctly.

My friend's username? Oh, nothing special, it's simply "m_warning".


don't have enough HDMI cables? no problem, this cursed adapter allows you to use two RJ45 instead!

i've had this image open in a tab since monday because it's such a relatable mood

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