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I will reconsider reporting bugs to Emacs ever again

> I like the current state of affairs, as I'm passionate about exposing more people to good programming style, but I don't really have time to waste on this debate. I'd rather spend my time elsewhere fixing some actual problems.

Emacs hash auto indent is in conflict with default RuboCop config:

Onion: Researchers Find Decline In Facebook Use Could Be Directly Linked To Desire To Be Happy, Fully Functioning Person

An example of the noise you have to add to your files to make RuboCop happy

Backdoored images downloaded from DockerHub 5 million times

Malware installed through DockerHub can also escape the container, so may continue to run.

Friends don't let friends install unreproducible black box container images.

Time to publicly admit to shame.

I gave my talk on building your own serial console server using OpenBSD.

Somehow I forgot to mention the name of my serial console server:


Such a missed opportunity.

I've recently seen another couple of home server or personal could type projects. Please, if you're doing this, think about whether basing it on Docker is wise.

Almost certainly there are other container systems which aren't receiving unspecified funding from the CIA. Docker could also be bought by Microsoft, Facebook or another big tech company and then do you really want your system associated with that? Definitely worth consideration.

"MIMO For Dummies"

802.11 with Multiple Antennas for Dummies (PDF)

"...In this tu-
torial, we provide a brief introduction to multiple antenna
techniques. We describe the two main classes of those tech-
niques, spatial diversity and spatial multiplexing. To ground
our discussion, we explain how they work in 802.11n NICs
in practice."

Found a roll of receipt paper while cleaning and could finally run a ~real~ ed(1) session // @_xhr_

A collection of 388 (as of this time) papers referencing grsecurity's and PaX's innovative work:

The impressive and impactful work that grsecurity has done is why we at #HardenedBSD are working to provide a clean-room reimplementation for the #FreeBSD community.

The #BSD community needs such high quality security.

We appreciate all that grsecurity and PaX has done and continues to do.


#Intel is again using shady tactics to respond to an actually awesome #AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2 32 core CPU by demoing an overclocked(!) 28 core CPU, while 'forgetting' to mention the massive amounts of cooling and overclocking when talking about it on stage.


Not using a Mac at a Linux conference needs to be on a lot of people's New Year Resolutions in 2019,

FFS, I don't even get what do you need the Mac so much for if you primarily work with Linux, I had used macOS extensively, it's not that impressive.

@MatejLach You know how Mac users view Windows as ugly and bloated? That's how I view Mac now.

@lattera a *lot* of people seem unaware of what has been done in HardenedBSD.

@lattera, could you suggest to the people responsible for the live stream to disable the autofocus in DMS1140 please? :)

We at #HardenedBSD are excited to announce an update on building the HardenedBSD Foundation, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization in the US:

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