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Google has a phishing quiz, it's pretty nice for seeing just how annoyingly proper phishing attempts can be these days:

One of my pet peeves is people saying, "I switched to <x browser>; it's so fast!!" (Especially irksome when they switch from a Chromium-based browser to another Chromium-based browser...)

Folks, the main reason your new browser is faster than your old one is that your old one has 12 extensions installed, each of which are consuming memory and CPU on every page load. (Yes, even your password manager and adblocker.) The second reason is standard self-delusion and wishful thinking.

Anyway I didn't leave grindfest empty.... armed?

(Not a bloody pic but if subdermal implant bulging squicks you, well that's what's in this jpg bag)

Lenovo BIOS Update:
- [Important] Enhancement to address security vulnerability CVE-2018-12126,
anticipated to be published 05/14/2019.
- [Important] Enhancement to address security vulnerability CVE-2018-12127,
anticipated to be published 05/14/2019.
- [Important] Enhancement to address security vulnerability CVE-2018-12130,
anticipated to be published 05/14/2019.
- Updated the CPU microcode.


An International Co-op of infosec professionals and technomancers, holding the line in cyber-warfare.

I honestly did my best to use Chrome for $work for quite a while (6-7 months maybe) since it is the "supported" browser and it kept sucking...
Last few days I've had to spray it with xkill once every couple of hours just so my laptop doesn't burst into flames and my graphical environment is actually responding to input.
I'm done... Setting up a work profile on FF again... Fuck Chrome!

"Heh, remember iframes?" you chuckle to yourself, reminiscing, "remember those?"

Your coworker looks at you with a quizzical look. "Iframes? We still use those all over the site."

You glance at the calendar. It is 2006.

"Oh-Oh no.." You stammer.

"Anyway, it looks like we're gonna have to take those transparent PNGs off the homepage," your coworker continues, "it looks like internet explorer doesn't support them."

You would scream, but only bonzi buddy would hear

OH Еми той ЩЕ стане IT, ама учи икономика, щото IT-то....

I kinda feel like the world of Clone Wars is a lot more interesting than the original trilogy or the sequels

[к]ур [з]а [л]ичните [д]анни?

интересна идея, но мисля, че доста повече от 35к лева общ фонд трябва да предлагат на студентите да се върнат в БГ след като завършат

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